Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels 2-Cup Bra

It lifts and separates the money from your purse.

The company claim that the new Dream Angels 2-Cup bra is the “most comfortable yet” and “gives you the support you need with that extra boost to feel your sexiest this summer.” Featuring blonde “Angels” Erin Heatheron, Lindsay Ellingson and Elyse Taylor in a dreamy summer sequence, the campaign is bound to set some hearts racing.

The short video was shot – rather incongruously – by Michael Bay, who is better known for the Transformer movies, as well as Friday the 13th and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

It’s good to see Michael Bay’s career is still on a steady decline. His next project is a commercial spot for Stuckey’s!

9 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret’s Dream Angels 2-Cup Bra

  1. proof

    Am I missing something? Don’t most bras come with two cups? (Except for maybe that little mutie in Total Recall…)

  2. Gunnutmegger

    Michael Bay began his career directing commercials and music videos. And never progressed past that level of skill.

    He was rumored to be the illiegitimate son of director John Frankenheimer but a DNA test put that rumor to rest.

    He went to school here in CT. Hell, I probably barfed on him at a party.

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