Some Ol’ Broad Rambles About My Book

Kate from An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings was nice enough to read and review Only Son. She posted a straightforward and honest review at her blog, and I wanted to throw a link up for it. She’s good people, and you should check out her blog.

You can check out her review here.

In addition, I wanted to thank Realwest and JCM at C2 for their pimping that went above and beyond the call.

Also, since I’m Slovak, we do everything backwards. The editor I hired will have the errors fixed and the book cleaned up in a few days. We’ll have her version on Amazon immediately after. (I’m learning a lot with this self-publishing attempt, and the biggest thing I’m learning is that I’m a moron.)

Oh, and if you’re interested we set up a Facebook page. Yeah, yeah, I know …

6 thoughts on “Some Ol’ Broad Rambles About My Book

  1. Fenway_Nation

    I meant to ask this earlier on the sticky post where you first made your announcement, but do you make any appearence in Only Son as either yourself or through some sort of expy?

  2. realwest

    Howdy Wyatt! Say I went over to Olbroad’s blog and read her review and want you to know I made a comment and suspect that Kate, er, the Ol broad may be giving you a better rating than she originally did.
    Just sayin………………………….!!

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Fenway – Bell is loosely based on me. Pam’s decision, not mine.

    Real – I’m not so vain that a less-than-stellar review would destroy me. I asked for honest reviews. I know the book is far from perfect, and I learned a lot by trial and error.

    1. realwest

      Wyatt I know that you’re not that vain! I just felt as if her review sorta deserved a review, you know?!?

      And btw, for your second novel, may I suggest that you pre-autograph them cause I still can’t decide to read and then send for autograph or send for autograph and then read.
      I may have to buy another dead tree version and have it shipped directly to you for autographing while I read my first copy!!!
      But iirc, hers was NOT the first review anyone gave that said the novel sucked you into the story right from the jump and that IS high praise indeed.

  4. Jon Brooks

    I’ll be starting chapter 3 tonight. So far so good. I know when Bell and Ellis finally confront the bad guy he/she won’t be packing a double barrelled .45 ACP Model AF2011
    but there is always next book. Memorable bad guys need memorable weapons.

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