She Should Have Stolen Slim-Fast

Stephanie Paparo (far right) is a thieving piece of detritus. She’s also fat.

It wasn’t a case of ‘finders keepers’ when Stephanie Paparo picked up a wad of $2,300 cash in a Philadelphia convenience store. Surveillance footage showed the man standing in front of her at the counter take something out of his back pocket and accidentally drop the stack of bills.

Paparo, 28, is shown bending down and pocketing the cash before quickly paying for her items and leaving the WaWa store in Clifton Heights before the man, Jim Duffy, figures out what happened. She was released on $10,000 bail, and Mr Duffy is still awaiting his money back.

And since the cash would have to be submitted into evidence, Mr. Duffy won’t see it until after the court case is concluded. That could take months.

6 thoughts on “She Should Have Stolen Slim-Fast

  1. Metoo

    What a big, old, fat piece of work! It amazes me that some people have no conscience at all.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Old NFO – And probably deserves the maximum penalty allowable.

    RoyK – Good point, when you take into consideration things like continuances.

    Metoo – And to be so brazen about it. Despicable.

  3. L Frame S&W

    A few years ago my family was visiting Quebec City, Canada. We were walking down the street when a gentleman in front of us pulled his handkerchief from his pocket,and a bill fell out. My daughter ran up to pick it up and give it back to him. He looked at it and pulled out a $20.00 bill and tried to hand it to my daughter. She refused, even when he showed her that it was a $100.00 bill that he dropped, and she returned. She still refused the reward, stating that it was just the right thing to do.
    I was really proud of her that day.

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