I Will Always Charge You!

You may remember the spectacle that was Whitney Houston’s funeral. You may also remember me criticizing it, and the idiocy – specifically Chris Christie’s decision to order the flags at half mast – that followed. But you know, Whitney’s fans demanded it … and now they have to pay the piper po-po.

Some taxpayers say as much as they loved the pop star they’re not happy about footing the high security costs. It was a farewell to a beloved star that touched the hearts of many, but it also cost the city of Newark more than $187,000 in police overtime.

“I think it’s absolutely ridiculous when you have people who are unemployed and homeless, people walking up and down the streets,” Newark resident Quincy Ruffin said. Ruffin said Houston’s family should have paid for the officers.

Nearly 200 police officers were stationed at the New Baptist Church, the funeral home and a family gathering at the Newark Club afterwards. In Westfield, where Houston was laid to rest, $9,000 in police overtime was spent, a necessary cost to make sure no one got hurt.

Mr. Ruffin has a point; Houston’s family should’ve covered the costs. They didn’t, and that’s a testament to their feelings about the people of Newark as a whole.

8 thoughts on “I Will Always Charge You!

  1. dannytheman

    If only they, the Houston family, had paid a little more attention to the drug addiction and mental issues that their meal ticket daughter, Whitney, had been suffering with?!?!?!

  2. Bob G.

    It all seems to be about “something for nothing”.

    And when it DOES come time to pay the piper, suddenly some folks seem put upon…when they should ahve KNOWN better in the first damn place.

    And Ddnny is right!
    The family SHOULD have paid some attention to her addictions and other problems, and not just rode her coattails.

    Amazing stuff.

    Stay safe out there.

  3. Ferrell Gummitt

    The police official or whomever authorized this should be fired for providing a high profile drug addict honors usually reserved for an officer or official in appreciation for their sacrifice and public service.

    The Newark Police Dept looked foolish and unprofessional for providing a Police Honor Guard to an infamous celebrity who spent most of her adult life committing felony drug offenses on a daily basis.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Danny – They didn’t care until the money stopped rolling in.

    Bob G. – And the OT was necessary, because of crowd control. But I suppose they wanted the officers to work for free.

    Ferrell – It was most likely the mayor. When things like this happen in the city, the orders come from on high – not from Police HQ.

  5. Buckaroo

    I know this, when Eric Clapton passes away from growing old, they better have a damn big week long funeral and celebration of life.

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