Christina Hendricks Goes Superhero

Every time I think, “Hey, I haven’t posted about Christina Hendricks in a while,” the Daily Mail comes through like gangbusters. She pulls off her Gambit impersonation here and her Hawkeye below the fold.

Christina Hendricks is celebrating the forthcoming beginning of the fifth season of the show by posing in a racy new photo shoot for V Magazine. The stunning actress who plays Joan in the show donned studded leather for an artful shoot which sees her get to grips with a bow and arrows.

There’s more below the fold.

Shoot me through the heart, Christina. I’m in seat 7A.

Trust me when I tell you: if you’re a Christina fan, you must check the link for the rest of the photos.

13 thoughts on “Christina Hendricks Goes Superhero

  1. Bob G.

    Oh, yeah…time to put THE WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE on…
    (and head to my bunk)


    Nice pics and good article.
    Can’t wait for the season premiere now.

    Stay safe out there.

      1. realwest

        Hey there Wyatt! You sure have a way with words!!
        BTW, any chance of you saying something about the death of Andrew Breitbart ?!?

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – I said a few words about Breitbart on Twitter, but didn’t want to post here because better writers have said it better than I could. The man was an icon for conservatives, and I feel terribly for his four children.

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