Attention Sandra Fluke

If you are so desperate for attention, stop testifying on Capitol Hill and start dressing like JWOWW from Jersey Shore.

Just a week after flaunting her curves in a sexy pink bikini, JWoww, real name Jenni Farley, walked her dogs in a figure-hugging outfit which enhanced her physique. The 26-year-old reality star wore a tight blue top and black leggings as she took out her pets in Jersey City, NJ.

Jenni teamed the outfit with a pair of huge sunglasses and black wedge heels, smiling for the photographers.

Hey Jenni, 1987 called; it wants its ensemble back.

Ironically, I see no difference between Fluke and Farley – except the STD count.

11 thoughts on “Attention Sandra Fluke

  1. rd

    Hah, at first I though you were endorsing the outfit. I’m was relieved to note your 80′s comment : ) wearing heals with your gym clothes is big no-no in imo.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Fenway – JDUDE?

    RD – Oh, most definitely. But she probably doesn’t work out. Why should she when there are plastic surgeons?

    Smite – I’m not checking, but if you want to . . .

  3. John D

    “Ironically, I see no difference between Fluke and Farley – except the STD count.”

    Hey, cut Fluke a break. Her STD count would be lower than JWoww’s if those stingy Catholics would set aside their “morals” and buy her a few thousand dollars wroth of Trojans.

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  5. Jon Brooks

    Now if she were using those condoms that leslie Neilson and Pricilla Presley were using I can see John D’s several thousands of dollars.

    Neilson: “Nice beaver.”

    Presely: “Thanks I just had it stuffed.”

      1. Jon Brooks

        I think/hope he gets as good a laugh as you, I and millions of others had at that movie. I think Smite nailed it though.

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