What The Frak, Belgium?

I gotta be honest; I don’t get Europe. Maybe there’s an attraction, but I don’t see it.

I do, however, see this – the Manneken-Pis. Yeah, that’s right; pis. This statue is a tourist attraction in Brussels, but lately it has felt the stinging wrath of Old Man Winter. And the Old Man is a pervert.

The Manneken-Pis, a bronze statue of a young boy urinating that is a symbol of Brussels and a major tourist attraction, has had to stop peeing because of sub-zero temperatures. Officials turned off the flow of water through the statue, which has stood on a Brussels corner since the 1600s, out of concern the cold might damage its internal mechanism.

The statue, which is on the site of a 15th Century drinking fountain, has 800 specially made outfits which city officials use to dress it up during the year. It is one of Brussels’ most popular attractions.

Yeah, just sidle up to the winky and whet your whistle. Freaks.

8 thoughts on “What The Frak, Belgium?

  1. Picky

    It’s not a DRINKING fountain, Wyatt! l’ve been to Brussels (had to visit the home country!). I’ve seen this statue. Evidently the story is that some rich kid (a duke’s son or something) got lost in the crowd, and they found him three days later. When they found him, he was taking a leak into the gutter. So they decided to immortalize it. Don’t ask me why.

  2. Sebastian

    I’ve drunk an Belgian ale called Manniken Pis… now I know what it’s named after. You can find it in some beer bars in Philly.

    I say named after, rather than comes from. At least I’m hoping. It’s a good beer.

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Danny – That’s Snooki’s motto, too.

    Vicki – It is about “shrinkage?”

    Picky – Although it is on the site of an old drinking fountain. Still a little bizarre.

    Rodney – He doesn’t wake up to pee. He never goes to sleep because of it.

    Sebastian – I’ll have to seek it out.

    Rodney – Thank you, Ralphie.

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