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Take It To The Bridge Caption Contest
(Source: Daily Mail)

Caption this photo in the comments section or e-mail me your photoshop entries. The winners will be posted on Monday, February 27th. Good luck!

Original Caption: Boom: The Fort Steuben Bridge stood for 83 years but collapsed in just six seconds yesterday morning.

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31 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. Vicki

    Sign on Ohio Rte 7: “Ft. Steuben Bridge Closed.”

    Ya think?

    (BTW, drove past the area yesterday and it’s all cleared up.)

  2. Richard

    And on the lighter side of the news… Without proper coordination, all 475 terrorists from one (former) terror cell blasted themselves into the martyrdom record books today…. all on the same target, due to an emailing error from their leader! So much for sowing “wide spread” destruction!

  3. John D

    The police pursuit of the heavily modified DeLorean came to an abrupt end when the car disappeared after hitting 88 MPH on the Fort Steuben Bridge.

  4. WesternMT

    Everyone was caught by surprise at what Sarah Palin actually MEANT when she cancelled the bridge to nowhere.

  5. deadcenter

    Preemptive shovel-ready job creation by the Obama administration, first shovel up the debris, then build a new bridge using funds borrowed from China.

  6. Fenway_Nation

    The Steubenville chamber of commerce soon learned that it was a bad idea to rename that stretch of the Ohio River the ‘Chuck Norris River’, as the Ft. Steuben bridge quickly demonstrated that nothing crosses Chuck Norris and survives.

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