So Ladies, Who’s Your PILF?

Jersey Shore’s resident whore JWoww has released a list of presidents she’d like to frak (PILF). Inexplicably, Martin Van Buren is not on the list.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley has released her list of “Presidents I’d Like to F**k.” And it sounds like the “Jersey Shore” starlet has an appreciation for men of all different shapes, sizes, and historical periods.

The JWoww list is as follows: Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, George Washington, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and John F. Kennedy.

I’m not buying the Obama choice. Many AYE-talians from New York – especially these AYE-talians – aren’t exactly big on black people. Sorry, but it’s true.

10 thoughts on “So Ladies, Who’s Your PILF?

  1. Robbie

    Bill Clinton !!!! Seriously !!!! All I can do is shake my head – JFK – yeah I get it – but ewwwwww – Just goes to show the little slut has just as much taste in men as she does in make up and clothes. Total douche canoe.

  2. Robert

    Personally JWOW is on my CILF list.. Near the top. I’m betting that crazy b### is a wild ride…And she’s hawt. I’d be sure to pack duct tape in the over night bag though…

  3. Jack Rackim

    Robert, I don’t know what the C stands for but I agree with your sentiments 100%, especially concerning the duct tape.

  4. Wes S.

    Well, have at her if you must, but I’m thinking “safe sex” with one of those skanky “Jersey Shore” girls involves a lot more than just a condom. Unless they make one rated for protection against Level Four biohazards…

    And I’m thinking Michelle Obama spit up her cornflakes when she read THAT in her morning paper.

    (So would Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush, assuming they bother reading the gossip pages, which for those three I find hard to believe… ;) )

  5. Dr. Evil

    No Taft? Always figured JCOW to be a chubby chaser.

    And what of my favorite presidents? Ol’ Hickory Andrew Jackson James K Polk????

  6. Black Orchid

    This question is impossible to answer without hurling


    I guess I’ll say George Washington. He was apparently 6 foot 11 and he weighed a ton

    and had two sets of nuts and like a zillion dicks . . .

    yes I get all my historical info from Brad Neely

  7. Black Orchid

    If you guys don’t know that Italian women are often coal-burners, I mean . . . yes Italian women are often coal-burners. Ahem.

    Papa, don’t preach!!!!

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