Humpday History Highlight

Seven of Adolf Hitler’s paintings have been found . . . in a Czech convent.

Czech historian Jiri Kuchar found them in the convent in the town of Doskany, north of Prague. The historical value of the collection could see them fetch £1.7million at auction.

One of the paintings is called Memories of Stalingrad and shows wounded German soldiers sheltering in a trench during a battle. Despite the massive defeat that Hitler’s forces suffered at Stalingrad by Soviet forces, the painting is believed to be one of the Fuhrer’s favorites.

It is believed that Hitler ordered that the paintings be hidden in a monastery in Bohemia. However, the art collection was discovered by American forces and taken to a collection point.

What is it with the former Czechoslovakia? First they name a bridge after Chuck Norris, and now they’re hiding Hitler paintings.

7 thoughts on “Humpday History Highlight

  1. Dr. Evil

    First the bridge, now nazi stuff? Seems like the Czechs are using an elaborate plan to smoke out and trap Chuck Norris….but you cannot trap Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris traps you!

  2. JT

    And I think we haven’t seen the tip of the iceberg as far as ‘stolen’ WWII treasures showing up…

    Like Hitler’s moustache.

  3. John D

    But Hitler’s stash of Ovaltine proofs-of-purchase remains missing. There have been rumors about a shadowy Nazi organization spiriting them out of Germany after the war and redeeming them for Little orphan Annie decoder rings. According to legend, fugitive war criminal Josef Mengele had a fatal heart attack when he used a ring to decode the secret message and found out that it said, “Drink more Ovaltine.” This is all unconfirmed, of course.

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