Desperate Celebrities

Considering the plummeting economy, the skyrocketing debt, and slow and steady unemployment numbers, who in their right mind would be beating the drum for a second Barack Obama term?

Celebrities, that’s who!

Of course, the celebrities given lame titles within the Obama re-election campaign aren’t exactly A-Listers, but that’s to be expected: with gas prices like these, Brad and Angelina can’t get their private jet to the Beltway as easily anymore.

Still, I’ll give Obama credit; he lures in the chesty broads and the wannabe stoners.

Eva Longoria and Kal Penn will serve as national co-chairs of the president’s re-election campaign. They will join dozens of other co-chairs to “serve as ambassadors for the President, advise the campaign on key issues, and help engage and mobilize voters in all 50 states.” Other co-chairs include former Obama chiefs of staff Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley, MA governor Deval Patrick, and L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Jim Messina, the Obama campaign’s manager, said that the newly appointed co-chairs “will be tremendous assets on the ground as we build the biggest grassroots campaign in history.”

Sadly, Jimmy doesn’t even know what the term “grassroots” means. A campaign program based on celebrities and former Obama staffers is not “grassroots;” it’s a choreographed public relations stunt.

10 thoughts on “Desperate Celebrities

  1. Loaded Dice in Vegas

    That ANYONE would follow one of these idiots is beyond me. But then when you work with the general population it does not suprise me.

    We are truely in deep s***…………….

  2. Old NFO

    Yep, Grass maybe, definitely NOT grassroots… idjits all, and you can be SURE a segment will follow them right down that rabbit hole… Sigh

  3. hutch1200

    A campaign program based on celebrities and former Obama staffers is not “grassroots;” Correct the term is “astroturfing”. Concieved by Axlerod.
    BTW “Comedian” little billy maher donated 1 million to barrys campaign. Maybe that will get him an Ambassadorship to Bora-Bora!

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – On a wing and a prayer.

    Old NFO – They’re the same people who openly wept at Whitney Houston’s pasing.

    Hutch – Yeah, and as Ace has proven; he’s not funny.

  5. JT

    Maybe that will get him an Ambassadorship to Bora-Bora!

    Or the moon.

    Send him up with some wood and a hammer and and some nails and he can build his own embassy.

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