Bottom’s Up, Vlad!

There is no doubt, to me, that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is a pretty despicable person. Calling him a former agent of the KGB is like calling someone a former Marine. There are no “former” Marines . . . and no “former” KGB agents.

So with that, I have to admit that he would open up his new vial of prehistoric water and drink it down.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin received a drink fit for dinosaurs on Friday when he was presented with a sample of ancient water from a sub-glacial Antarctic lake pierced by Russian scientists.

Russian scientists said this week they had drilled through Antarctica’s frozen crust to the vast Lake Vostok, which has lain untouched for at least 14 million years hiding what scientists believe may be unknown organisms and clues to life on other planets.

With our luck, the vial will break, and a new super-virus will hasten humanity’s extinction. Considering how Obama is “transforming” America, I say bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Bottom’s Up, Vlad!

  1. Robert B.

    He just thought it was a very old bottle of vodka.

    Maybe there was some really nasty organism in it that wiped out the dinosaurs, and he’ll catch a dino-virus.

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