PA Governor Corbett: Crazy Or Stupid?

My guess is stupid with a side order of ignorant. Corbett, the man who went full bore after Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and Penn State University after the sexual assault scandals is now honoring someone who refused to stop a predator. Corbett ordered state flags to be flown at half mast until after Paterno’s funeral.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has ordered the state’s flags lowered to half-staff in honor of legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Corbett said that flags at state facilities would be lowered to half-staff through Paterno’s burial.

Paterno was fired in November following the arrest of a former longtime assistant on child sex abuse charges. The university’s Board of Trustees cited Paterno’s failure to report one alleged assault to police as a chief reason for his ouster.

In my opinion, this is a disgrace of the highest order, and it is a slap in the face to Sandusky’s victims. It is also the first step in the coordinated whitewash of Paterno’s “legacy.” Expect all examples of Paterno’s inaction to be erased in a few years.

15 thoughts on “PA Governor Corbett: Crazy Or Stupid?

  1. realwest

    Crazy or stupid? Why not a big heaping bowl of each?

    I’m not, btw, overlooking the fact that Paterno did do a lot of good things in his life. But flying the State’s flags at half mast for a guy who learned of one of his assistant coaches RAPING young boys in the showers at the athletic facility AND DID NOTHING ABOUT IT is just WRONG.

    I gotta say Wyatt, between this post and the immediately preceeding post, I’m beginning to think the people who live in Philly (and throughout PA) just don’t get it.

  2. Vicki

    I KNEW IT!!! Didn’t I say this would happen?

    Half my friends on Facebook are boo-hooing and a quarter of that half even went to PSU or even a branch campus.

  3. dragonlady474

    I saw a friend post that the Westboro Nutcases are going to picket his funeral. Now I can dislike this guy more because he’s forced me to agree with them, for once.

  4. Sally Anne

    I wonder if any of the people wringing their hands woul feel so sad if their son been one of Sandusky’s victims? I’m sick of seeing “RIP Joe”, when it should be “RIH”. Same for everyone else who covered this atrocity up- the inaction is very nearly as evil as the original crimes. The reasoning, to protect the image of Penn State’s football program, is the sickest, most pathetic reason possible. Much of the sports industry- starting well below the pro level- is filled with greed and depravity. Who cares if a few young boys are raped, as long as the college gets some donations, as long as guys get drafted, as long as some cobwebby old zombie gets to be venerated, right? I’m not watching football of any level, probably ever. I just… disapprove.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – There are people in this state who have done a hell of a lot more good and got Dick Bupkis when they died. The whole thing reeks.

    Vicki – It’s fine to mourn the guy if you support him, but ordering the flag at half-mast insults the rest of us who can see behind his “holy visage.” Corbett is speaking for the state when he does this, and it’s offensive.

    Randal – Support your guy if you want, but don’t make it appear like the rest of the people in this state support an enabler of rape.

    DL474 – They’re scum, but at least they’e protesting someone who was not a legitimate hero.

    TonyF – I figured it was appropriate since, with this action, he and Corbett are flipping us the bird.

    Ferrell – I wouldn’t compare Paterno to Mumia – ever. But I do see your point. Both gestures are inappropriate.

    Sally Anne – Corbett’s action says, in effect, the people of Pennsylvania support and mourn Joe Paterno. Corbett apparently does not realize that many of Sanducky’s victims (and their families) live in Pennsylvania.

    And that’s the problem with many Penn State fans – by brother-in-law included – it’s the football team first, and everything else comes dead last.

  6. Fenway_Nation

    Frankly, I thought Paterno’s death would be an opportunity for the equally culpable but less famous on Penn State’s board to pass the buck and blame a dead man for their inaction an complicity as well

  7. PhillyExpat

    I didn’t go to PSU and have no close friends or family that did, either. I probably rooted for them in bowl games when I was a kid because they were from PA also, that’s about it.

    I wonder if we are drawing the line at the right point when we assign blame and wishes for people to end up in hell. Joe and the assistant didn’t rape kids, and taking (too) cautious action to stop it isn’t enabling rape. They didn’t ask for Sandusky to drop this on them, and it’s rotten deal for everyone involved (esp. the kids, obviously).

    There’s no doubt they failed in their moral duty. But that’s a whole different level than what the real crime was, and what punishment that deserves.

    All that said, no, they shouldn’t have lowered the flags under the circumstances, you do that for people that are honored and Joe is no longer in that place.

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Fenway – Oh, that’s coming, too. Vultures.

    Expat – I never liked the man, but I am not reveling in Paterno’s death. I would revel in Sandusky’s. That being said, Paterno passed the buck in this case because he either didn’t want to know or he didn’t care.

    He ran the entire operation up there. Simply notifying someone was not enough. He should have notified the PSU Police at the very least. Apparently, he had no problems notifying them about people who blow stop signs (, but he couldn’t do it when a child was raped. His inaction, IMO, tarnishes all of the good he did there.

  9. rudytbone

    Wyatt, lets get something straight. Joe did notify the police. He notified more than the police, he notified the VP of Administrative services who supervises the entire University Park police force.

    PSU is a land grant university. U Park Police have jurisdiction in U Park (which happens to be larger than State College itself). Joe Paterno did notify the highest ranking law enforcement official in the jurisdiction in which the crime was committed.

    We also now know that McQueary gave Paterno a sanitized version of what he testified to the Grand Jury.

    So, let’s recap. Paterno, in less than 24 hours of being notified himself reported to his boss and the highest ranking law enforcement official in U Park an event that had been reported to him. We know that what was reported to Paterno was not was reported to the Grand Jury.

    Please explain how this “enables” Sandusky?

  10. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Rudy – According to the stories I’ve read, Paterno never called the police. He just notified the university’s AD. But let’s concede your point. If that’s all true, then what did he do? To take a line from Obama, he “should not have rested” until the matter was addressed and Sandusky was dealt with. Expecting the AD and the university officials to follow through is a good excuse, but he was Joe Paterno. He was a god there, and he should have done follow-up after follow-up. He didn’t, and Sandusky went on to molest AT LEAST one other boy.

    Do I hold Paterno in the same contempt as I do Sandusky? Not at all. But as someone who coached boys high school lacrosse for 19 years, if someone came to me and said a staff member was touching someone inappropriately, I would be confronting the staff member immdiately, and the police as well. Claiming, “I never heard of a man raping a boy” is a ridiculous excuse.

    Simply put, he should have done more. A lot more. He didn’t, IMO, and Sandusky molested another boy afterward. That, to me, is enabling, but your mileage may vary.

    P.S. – Even people who avidly support Joe Paterno should at least see why others think this half-mast issue is ridiculous, especially when it was ordered by a man who railed against the lask of investigation into the scandal.

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