There’s A Bad Batch Of Heroin In Camden

Attention supermodels! For the time being, you will have to lose weight the old fashioned way: by exercising and eating right.

But look at the bright side: you can do that from the comfort of your gated community, far from the bullet-filled skies of scenic Camden, New Jersey.

Law enforcement officials say several recent heroin overdoses in the Camden area apparently are linked to an extremely dangerous batch of the drug that’s being sold in some city neighborhoods.

Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk says 11 people who were treated at Cooper Hospital between Friday and Sunday apparently used the same brand of heroin, which may be laced with fentanyl or some other dangerous substance. It’s being sold by street dealers in the North Camden and Whitman Park areas in bags with the name Hellfire.

Maybe I’m a heartless bastard – actually, I AM a heartless bastard – but I never saw the MSM’s need to publish stories like these. Junkies, by their nature, take risks. Why should anyone care if they kill themselves by shooting up bad heroin?

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  1. C/A

    Yeah a quick death from “Bad” heroine or a slow death from”good” heroine… I’m not getting it. There’s a story here?

  2. DocRambo

    Sometimes the herd needs thinning. A heroin overdose is as good a way as any, and probably more humane than most.

  3. Bob G.

    I used to say if they wanted to rid the streets of the drug problem in Philly, all the city had to do was open up the old (and former) JFK stadium to the users, hand ‘em ALL enough free dope to have ‘em OD, them bulldoze the D/Bs out for the NEXT bunch until the problem abates (and you get a nice landfill/fertilizer as a bonus).

    Hell, you could sell tickets to the masses…great way to recoup the LOST budget monies (that support freebie programs for the lazy asses that do such drugs)

    A real “win-win”.
    Does the swamplands by the airport good, too.

    Camden might be onto this finally…’ya think?
    (now THAT’S heartless, Boss)

    Roll safe out there.

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Captain – Lib Philly media. They’re “concerned” for these people and their plight.

    Ingineer66 – Or mix it with rat poison.

    Randal – I always wondered how you kept yourself so thin!

    Ferrell – They’re an offshoot of the NJ Teacher’s Union.

    Doc – We should bring it back every July.

    Danny – It’s a losing battle. Always has been.

    Bob G. – We can just drop them into the river.

  5. Nicholas Miller

    This bad batch of dope goin around in camden just killed my brother early yesterday morning, my mom and I found him sittin on the foot of his bed, almost laying inside his drawer and the needle on top of it and the dope bag on the floor. It was the most horrific thing i ever saw and it’s going to haunt me forever and im only sixteen years old. All of north Camden is too screwed up, so i just say we either swarm it with the Army and kill all those drug dealing basterds, or just low the whole north side up.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Nicholas – I’m sorry about your brother. Maybe if the politicians over there didn’t screw the city up so badly, they wouldn’t have to lay off so many police officers – and the dealers would be getting pinched.

  7. Whoosk

    Drug addicts are sick people, but people none the less. They need help, not to be eradicated. These are people’s children, brothers, sisters, parents who are dying. I’m a recovering addict lucky enough to have made it out of Camden alive and what I continue to see now that Im sober is that people treat addicts like lepers, like the fucking scum of the earth. We are not, we just need help, and we do recover.

  8. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Whoosk – Let’s not overgeneralize here. Of course they are people, but a lot of them act like the scum of the Earth when they’re getting their next fix. The scumbags who beat, rob, and kill people for drug money don’t need help and a hug – they need to be put away.

    And I stand by what I wrote: junkies, by their nature, take risks. If they die because of them, that’s no one’s fault but their own.

  9. Nicholas Miller

    Wyatt- thanks man, this shit is just really really hard to deal with considering that me and my mom found him the way he was, but it could have been a lot worse since he was going to Camden all the time to cop.but its not exactly that i blame him or dealers in Camden cause most the time they don’t know what they are selling, but a big part of it goes to the hospitals of South Jersey cause none would help him and he wanted help and we couldn’t send him to Rehab cause its like 30,000 dollars for one month. But they wouldn’t keep him in Crisis because he “wasn’t suicidal” now that’s fucked up, for them to say, ” We can’t help you because even tho we have the equipment and experience and people to help you, we can’t cause you aren’t suicidal”. Also as far as my family and I know is that he is at least one of the first deaths from this, at least from Jersey.

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  11. John

    Well,im a recovering heroin addict an take issue with you hoping every addict dies of fentanyl.I understand being a police officer you hating addicts.We lie an treat you as if your stupid,we steal but not all of us..

    The reason i say this is because of a conversation i had with a young police officer who seemed to actually take the job cause he wants to make a difference.

    Officer-Im sick of arresting junkies,id rather lockup dealers.

    Me-You think being a junkie is fun officer ?? Dont you think id love to be you an have my mom,my mom i mean would be so proud of me.

    Officer-Well,your still young (im not,im 30) did you go to college ?? Your an articulate person.


    Officer-Look your life isnt over you still have time to turn it around..I hope you can cause you seem like a nice person.

    This young officer who i wont name made a positive impact on my life not treating me like a scumbag.Id been used to being a scumbag so long i acted accordingly.

    Now,im an assistant wedding photographer who struggles.Who does relapse an struggles everyday cause the heroins changed my brain structure.

    Heroin effects the feel good sytem.After 12 years of addiction its turned off the feel good system so i feel like shit everyday but i hope one day i wont.I wont say he made me change my life but it made an impression on me that a police officer thought i wasnt a waste of life.That i maybe could help someone with my life,rather then taking.

    So i maybe inarticulate but ask most heroin addicts.There not happy people.I have no sympathy for a heroin addict that steals or hurts people to support there addiction.I worked shit jobs to support my addiction.Of course ive stolen too from my family.But to wish death on heroin addicts is lowbrow for a cop to write on his blog where everyone can see.

    If your going to,tell us your name..Because you’ve made it apparent you dont really care about seeking justice for a murdered heroin addict.An thats wrong in my opinion an lowbrow..But what do i know im just a junkie scumbag.An you have to pay for my medical care..Yea right !! Where do you come up with this bs.If there wasnt a war on drugs an addicts had to cop street junk mixed with God knows what it would actually lower hospital costs cause heroin in itself is addictive but regulated proven from other countries who;ve put in effect heroin maintenance programs to not be fatal or any worse then a pill for deppression.

  12. John

    To summon it up as ive said for an officer to wish death on the drug addicted in case you havent noticed the word “lowbrow”.If your not an addict you dont know.Everyones makes mistakes.The heroin addict made one..Taking that first opiod.

    But i dont think your a bad cop.I take that back.I think its ignorance.

    I was brought up lives not about me at all.Its about serving helping other people.So being a heroin addict in my family i know where your coming from.But beg to differ an hope you change your mind on those SUFFERING addiction.

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