Dorothy Krysiuk Is Leaving Fox 29!

This is not happening. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!

As regular readers can tell you, Dorothy is the traffic gal on the local FOXNews affiliate. She’s dreamy, and I love her. (Figuratively, of course – I’m not a stalker.) There is no one in the tri-state area that is a bigger fan of hers than I. And that is why I am depressed today.

According to industry sources, the traffic jam between Dorothy Krysiuk and Fox29 was over hours, as management wanted Krysiuk to add the 5 p.m. show to her day. Krysiuk is the traffic person for “Good Day Philadelphia,” which begins at 5 a.m.

Other traffic reporters such as John Ogden of NBC10 and Bob Kelly of CBS3 work the morning and evening shifts.

Krysiuk did not immediately return an email and Fox29 also did not respond to a previous email about why Krysiuk was leaving the station.

Krysiuk, a Temple University graduate worked for Fox29 since 2001, and before that was on Channel 10. (H/TLaura Nachman by way of RT)

As terrific as it would be to see Dorothy once every twelve hours, I can’t condemn her for not wanting to do both shows. (Of course, I couldn’t condemn her if she came on this blog and told me my writing made her violently ill. This is Dorothy we’re talking about!) Putting in a 12+ hour workday would be terrible for her hair that resembles spun gold, her alabaster skin, and her sunny disposition.

Sources are saying that Dorothy wants to “take a break from television,” and will not be signing on with another outlet. You thought I was grumpy and miserable in the mornings now? Wait until you see me without my daily dose of Dorothy!

Somewhere, the other angels are crying.

129 thoughts on “Dorothy Krysiuk Is Leaving Fox 29!

  1. Dee

    For me, while I did enjoy Dorothy’s segments, it was more about the information she provided and yes, she was very pleasant. Unfortunately, we have found ourselves quickly changing the channel to something else (anything else) when Jamie begins to speak. Her voice is very grating and not what one (or we) cares to hear in the wee hours. The reality is that most stations provide decent traffic reports, and we do thoroughly enjoy John, Chenelle(sp?), Jennaphyr, and Sue. It’s too bad that Jamie came on the heels of a popular reporter. I don’t feel she was given a fair chance by most. For us, however, we are more about the enjoyment of the morning broadcast in general, and Jamie’s voice just doesn’t appear to be quite “fit” for announcing. Changing the channel works, but all too often, we end up landing on an alternate channel and staying there.

  2. Bryan

    DK was nice to look at but that’s it. She was a stiff. She has this “snobbish” attitude about her. Jamie on the other hand is growing on me. The more I see her, the liitle more she looks better. But her personality is SO much better than DK.
    Perfect example, when DK did firehouse friday and was playing pool at the station .. she looked so out of her element. awkward even. Jamie is enjoyable and seems very down to earth.

  3. Phil

    If Jamie is growing on you, you must be a frog! Get real and smell the oj, and learn to spell!

  4. Marie

    There is a short piece in 4/5/09 (Sunday) Phila. Inquirer
    Section B page 2…
    “Expect to see the face of Dorothy Krysiuk, whose decade
    doing TV traffic reports ended in October at Fox29. She has signed a promotional deal with West German BMW in Fort Washington, says Bob Cesarini, the dealership’s general manager…..”

  5. Tom

    Dorothy was the light of the show. Now that she is gone from Fox, she will become someone else’s blessing. Fox 29 leans liberal, so suffice it to say, there is no reason to watch anymore.

  6. Chip

    ever since she left I stopped watching fox I had to go to jury duty one time and I thought I was going to miss seeing her on tv but when I was leaving court she was filming a promo for the station and I got to meet her she is the sweetest and most beautiful woman I ever met

  7. Eddie

    I keep checking to see where Dorothy may show up. That smile in the morning was the way to get my day started. Come back somewhere Dorothy. We miss you.

  8. Drew

    Maybe it’s like dopamine or something that my brain will never naturally produce again. I’m Drew and I’ve been Dorothy-free for 7 months. I am powerless over this woman’s beauty!

  9. Joe

    Still missing her and still looking to see where she will turn up. Hoping it will be soon.

  10. Jrose

    What I want to know is – Is Jamie required to work the 12+ hours that they wanted Dorothy to work????
    I think it was about the money………

  11. Carol

    What a mistake Fox made when they let Dorothy go…and her replacement is absolutely horrible-she must be related to one of the producers of the show because her face could stop a clock and her voice sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. Besides that – who is dressing that girl? She is thin as a pencil, so it should be easy to get some stylish clothing on that frame.Her hair looks like she forgot to curl it – don’t they have hairstylists on the show anymore??? It is certainly a far cry from Dorothy’s curly do! At least Fox was smart enough to bring Mike Jerrick back-maybe that will help.

  12. Melissa

    First of all Dorothy would NOT have worked a 12 or 14 hour dayas some of you have posted. Traffic reporters/anchors work a SPLIT shift meaning a few hours in the morning (4-5 hours) and a few hours in the evening (2-3 hours). Total hours worked is generally 7-8 hours, sometimes a lot less! Not bad considering she makes 6 figures and doesn’t have to work hard! Anyway I think Dorothy is awesome, a great tv personality. She’s actually a genuine, nice, down to earth person. I miss seeing her on air! Thank God Jamie is off air on Fox! Jamie looks like a rat and has a squeaky voice. When I watch her I want to gauge my eyes out!

  13. jax

    But Buckman’s voice is any better? How is her segment still going? Is it me or is Fox 29 more of a soap opera rather than a legitimate news source? It seems to be more about their on air “talent” than the news. And they have such stand up personalities too.

  14. Tony

    UGH….glad for your site, I was wondering what happened to Dorothy. She was the best! If you hear of her resurfacing let me know!!! I too am a big fan….

  15. Tom

    At last I found out what happen.I just look for the day that she is back on the air. There
    is nothing else too say. The fans said it all. Good luck.

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  17. George Lyons

    Na na na na na na …Boston’s WCVB Channel 5 EyeOpener News won the Dorothy Krysiuk sweepstakes and hse has been brightening our traffic reports since June 2010. Scwiiiiing!

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