Lt. Major Garvin: Idiot Cop

<i>I need a cafe latte\'!</i>

I need a cafe latte'!

I swear, cops like this make the rest of us look bad.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A demand for special coffee cost a police officer his job on Wednesday.

Lt. Major Garvin, a 15-year officer with the Daytona Beach Police Department, was fired, accused by police of intimidating Starbuck’s employees.

A report from the Daytona Beach Police department said he went to the coffee shop in the Oceanwalk area up to six times a night while on duty demanding to get free specialty coffee or that area wouldn’t be protected by police.

Okay, lieutenant, it’s obviously you are a douchebag, but this following little tidbit puts you in the stratosphere of douchebaggery:

Police officers are able to get free coffee, but police said he demanded a special type. (H/TWESH)

This is the most legitimate firing of any police officer in history. I hope that special coffee was worth it to ya, Major. Heh, “Major.” Major Jackass is more appropriate.

17 thoughts on “Lt. Major Garvin: Idiot Cop

  1. CaptainAmerica

    I saw this and what can I say, just wanted to vomit. Like the Fire Service, law enforcement has its share of J.O.’s that tarnish the image of the rest of us. What do you expect when we lower the hiring standards so that we become “more representative” of the population. That means now we have as many assclowns as any other job.

  2. Deanna

    Have you ever worked at a restaurant? They have ways of getting their revenge. I would love to know what else they were putting in his “special” roast. Ha! Ha! I guarantee it was something.

  3. Lergnom

    From friends who are veterans comes this jewel of good advice and major good sense:
    Never piss off the cook.

    Stay safe

  4. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Captain – God bless America, huh?

    RT – The damned coffee was free, but that wasn’t good enough for him. Cops always ruin a good thing.

    Deanna – Vincent Antonelli and I worked in a delicatessen during our college years. Don’t ask.

    Lergnom – And never send your food back. Ever.

    John D – “What the Hell is that? You gonna spit in it now?”

    Kim – The first thing I learned by my first sergeant. When you’re off-duty, STAY off-duty!

    Admiral – Sadly, it is very believable. *Shakes head.*

  5. mason

    this is kinda funny because i myself spoke to major garvin today about this incident and he is in the process of suing the Dayton police department for not fully investigating the situation. he claims that this never happened and there was a whiteness that was there and was never questioned.
    on another note he is a seasoned officer and knows his boundaries and would never cross them. this just docent sound like something he would do, i mean the most expensive thing on the Starbucks menu is like 4 or 5 bucks.
    do you think someone would seriously risk their job over 5 dollars ?

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  7. Polly

    The person is lyin on him and their are other cops melesting people and he gets fired because of some coffee wow thats just so graet

  8. Polly

    manson is right people just think because he is tall hes mean if you met him hes the sweetest man you ever met

  9. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Mason – Garvin thinks he’s innocent? That’s a new one! People have risked their jobs for much less. Much less.

    “Anonamos” – That may be the funniest comment ever registered here. Kudos! When you get out of “English class,” please read over the 200 mistakes in your one butchered sentence. Thanks.

    Polly – Brilliant! Theft is against the law, Sparky. So is police intimidation. Don’t worry, though, Barack Obama will fix this by the end of the week!

    Oh, and spell check is free on most computers now. You should check it out.

  10. Sbux partner

    So I am the witness and the employee/supervisor that worked at this starbucks 5 nights a week. Major NEVER demanding anything from me. If anything he ordered a simple cup of coffee with a flavor! He damn sure didn’t come in no 6 times a night. Was he around? Of course, making his rounds in the surrounding area. I would give him a coffee out of just the appreciation of feeling safe closing in that are of town. With him around I felt safe and he was fired for a stupid reason. All because my coworker didn’t like him because “he has a small head and deep voice”. He is a good man.

  11. Searge

    Here are the problems:

    1. He used the Department for his personal agenda.
    2. He threatened the employees of the coffee shop!
    3. He compromised the integrity of the Department.

    Cased closed!

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