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By Wyatt Earp | February 4, 2007

If you happened to be visiting SYLG last night at around 11pm EST, you would have caught a glimpse of my new template. My personal IT chick, Rachel, is helping construct a three-column template that is compatible with the “new” Blogger.

Notice it isn’t up yet.

That’s because the “new” Blogger seems to suck ass. The Blogger masterminds have focused all of their attention on the New Blogger Smell – I emit an enchanting musk – and no attention on making their system applicable to foreign templates. Rach had the new SYLG up and running for about ten minutes, but the Haloscan re-install was giving her fits.

In the interim, we’ll still have the older template – I am proudly using Blogger’s oldest template ever – but if you log on sometime this week and see a bunch of changes, don’t fret: this place will still be your one-stop-shop for lousy, witless posting.

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