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Humility, Thy Name Is Wyatt

By Wyatt Earp | July 25, 2005

Support Your Local Gunfighter has become a boom town in recent days. Since Saturday, I have had almost 300 hits! That is not a typo. Three-hundred in three days! At this rate, I will hit 1,000 visitors by the end of the day. And I have no idea how I’m gonna deal. Frankly, I am humbled beyond belief. When the boom started on Saturday (thanks in large part to a mention on Domelights) I was dancing a jig in my living room. My wife will (with embarrassment) confirm this. I cannot thank you, the readers, enough for your support, and I especially want to thank my linked friends who have been there from the beginning.

P.S. – Before Damian asks, this is not a fishing for compliments expedition. And to prove it, I have disabled comments for this post.

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