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Surfin’ Bird!

Kyle Surfing

Last week, Kyle and three of his soccer teammates went to the Jersey shore. One of the parents owns a house there and took then in for a few days. The itinerary consisted of the usual fare – ice cream, arcade, ice cream, etc. – except for this: surfing lessons. The parent made all the arrangements, and while Kyle was the only one really psyched to surf, the rest of the boys followed suit.

The day was miserable – clouds and rain – but Mother Nature cooperated enough for the lessons to continue. The four boys were split among the two instructors – who were, sadly, not the typical surfer dudes. (I didn’t hear either of them call one of the boys “Brah.” So disappointing.) They had the boys lie the boards on the sand to practice how to go from the prone to the standing position. When they were confident enough, the boys hit the waves.

And yes, Kyle gladly picked the pink and purple board when his teammates refused.

The first few attempts were not exactly perfect, but Kyle was standing by his fifth try. In fact, he rode a wave in beautifully before easing his board right to compensate. After watching him for the hour, I realized surfing is like golf. You can bail and face-plant a hundred times, but the one time you catch the perfect wave makes it all worth it.

Kyle really enjoyed surfing, and is already asking if he can rent a board when we go to the shore this summer.

Sleep: I Am So Good At It I Can Do It With My Eyes Closed

Snoopy allergic to morningsWho needs sleep? Apparently not my teenage son. I have been waiting years for my son to get to that blessed teenage stage where they sleep late every morning. Has he done that yet? NO.

My son, Mr. Moody, has always been an early riser. Really early. I hoped that one day he would take after his dear mom. But no, of course not. Why sleep late during summer vacation? Why give your mother some quiet time to herself in the morning? Why sleep late like every other teenager in America?

Do you know why? I know now: Because there are video games to play, YouTube videos to watch, World Cup teams to cheer for, girls to flirt with, and number one on his list – a loving mother to aggravate (spend time with). Even though he won’t admit it, I think he likes that time in the morning when he can talk with me with no siblings around.

Cookin’ With Gas


It’s been an uber-busy day, and since my co-bloggers are sleeping off the alcohol, I got nuthin’. Well, except for this.

Last night, Kevin, 6, walked into the kitchen, looked at Mrs. Earp, and asked, “What’s cookin’, good lookin’?”

Yeah, we have no idea where he got that from…

All Good Things…

Erik Lax TournamentI spent my entire weekend with my 10-year old son Erik – the first weekend we’ve spent together in a while. Natch, it was sports-related, as he had a lacrosse tournament on Saturday – from 5pm to 10pm – then the Philadelphia CYO Area A Track and Field Championships on Sunday. Suffice to say, it was a busy weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, I ran out of work like a Taco Bell patron runs to the terlet. Rushed home, changed, grabbed the boy, and blitzed to King of Prussia – 90 mph on the PA Turnpike, FTW! We arrived a little after 4pm, found the team, and got Erik dressed for the Upper Merion Gumball Rally. Four 15-minute games over a live-hour span. Their first game was a 1-1 tie, and Erik played well.

As you can see from the photo, it went downhill from there. By 9:30pm, his entire team looked like the walking dead. They lost their last three games, and there was almost a fistfight – between coaches – at the end of the final game. Erik played exceedingly well, but after five hours, he was hurt, sweaty, and tired. The swim party he attended from 1-3 probably had something to do with that. With traffic, we walked into the door at 11pm…

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Jumpin’ Jive

Erik Ten Foot Jump

Late last night we received word Erik’s 10’0″ long jump during Saturday’s CYO Divisionals was the second best in his tier. As a result, he will be participating in the Area Championships on May 18th. Erik was already going for the 4x100m Relay, but he really wanted to compete in the long jump as well.

It’s been a very good first year for Erik. He seems to like track more than soccer and lacrosse, probably because track is his. Kyle played soccer and lacrosse before him, so he felt like he was in his brother’s shadow. Erik embraced the sport and excelled almost immediately.

For now, Erik is the track star. At least until Kevin starts. Mrs. Earp said he jumped 6’8″ in the backyard on Sunday afternoon. For the record, Kevin is 6-years old.

You know, I was co-captain of my college lacrosse team and played ice hockey in a men’s league for years, but was only an average cross-country runner. The running genes are what I pass down?

On The Right Track

Erik During The 4x100 Relay

My middle son Erik spent his morning at the CYO Track Divisionals. They’re more or less the playoffs of track and field, and Erik was slated to run the 100m Sprint, the 4×100 Relay (Erik is second from left above), and the Long Jump. If he finished sixth or better in any event, he’d qualify for the CYO Area Championships on May 18th.

His first event was the 100m Sprint, a race he usually does well in. Erik started well, but finished in the middle of the pack. His time was 17.28 seconds – his best of the year – but it didn’t look like he placed. So, we waited for the Long Jump…

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Because I Didn’t Do Him Enough Justice

Erik At Franklin FieldAnd because most of you moved on from the Penn Relays post, I finally succeeded in posting the video from my phone to the blog. Erik is the third leg of Maternity BVM’s 4×100 relay. He is in lane 7.

The photo above is one I took before the Relays began. Erik wanted to be photographed near the lacrosse nets (on the right). And yes, we know he needs a haircut. Lousy hippies.

The video is below the fold.

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Midnight Run

Penn RelaysMy middle son Erik joined the CYO track team this year. So far, he has excelled in the long jump, and has been doing well in the sprint events. (His best leap this season is 9 feet, 7 inches.) Erik is also the third leg of his age group’s 4×100 relay, and today he will be competing in the Penn Relays – something his slow-ass father never did.

The CYO portion of the Relays begins at 6pm, so we have to come home from school/work, get dressed, and rush off to Franklin Field. It’ll just be and Erik, because our two youngest wouldn’t last five minutes with the crowds and noise. Erik is psyched to run inside a stadium and in front of a crowd. For my part, I told him not to worry about his performance, but to just enjoy the spectacle. The Penn Relays is a huge event in Philly, and his first time should be stress-free.

I’ll try to post updates if I can, but since the relays are rain or shine, I can’t promise anything right away.


The Running Man

Erik BVM 4My middle son Erik (in gray) has always been blessed with speed and endurance. This has benefited him greatly during his soccer and lacrosse career. Erik is a smaller kid, so he can’t out-muscle opponents; he needs to outrun them.

The boy is finishing up his indoor soccer season, and his lacrosse season commenced yesterday. Not content to have any free time at all, Erik also decided to join his CYO track team. His first practice was Sunday, and after seeing him perform, they are considering Erik for the middle-distance events. Specifically, the mile run.

Keep in mind, Erik is 10 years old.

I have no doubt Erik will enjoy – and excel at – the mile, but I hope he isn’t taking on too much too soon. Lacrosse practices are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while track practices are Tuesday and Thursday. Track meets are on Saturdays and lacrosse games are on Sunday. Super Happy Fun Time is postponed until… oh, May.

We’ll support him as long as he is having fun, and to be honest, his decision to run track wasn’t a huge surprise. It’s like running is in Erik’s genes or something…

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