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The Running Man

Erik BVM 4My middle son Erik (in gray) has always been blessed with speed and endurance. This has benefited him greatly during his soccer and lacrosse career. Erik is a smaller kid, so he can’t out-muscle opponents; he needs to outrun them.

The boy is finishing up his indoor soccer season, and his lacrosse season commenced yesterday. Not content to have any free time at all, Erik also decided to join his CYO track team. His first practice was Sunday, and after seeing him perform, they are considering Erik for the middle-distance events. Specifically, the mile run.

Keep in mind, Erik is 10 years old.

I have no doubt Erik will enjoy – and excel at – the mile, but I hope he isn’t taking on too much too soon. Lacrosse practices are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while track practices are Tuesday and Thursday. Track meets are on Saturdays and lacrosse games are on Sunday. Super Happy Fun Time is postponed until… oh, May.

We’ll support him as long as he is having fun, and to be honest, his decision to run track wasn’t a huge surprise. It’s like running is in Erik’s genes or something…

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Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Kevin At The Philly ZooSix years ago today, we received the greatest Valentine’s Day gift you could ever receive. Our youngest son.

Kevin has alternating days of angel and devil. This is the kid who, at age five, got into Mrs. Earp’s Facebook account, and typed in “poop” as an entry. He is also the kid who helps out his classmates and loves going to Sunday School. None of our kids have suffered the health issues Kevin has, but his inner strength always overcomes any obstacle.

The boy is brilliant when it comes to computers and smart phones. He only needs things explained to him once, and he’s off and running. Erik is a big-time math whiz, but I think Kevin will be working at NASA. Until then, he can ponder what to have for his birthday dinner. The last update was pizza.

Thus ends our annual three birthdays in six days event. Happy birthday, Kevin. We love you!

Happy Birthday, Erik!

Erik Soccer BVM

Today is my middle son Erik’s tenth birthday. It is the family’s second birthday in as many days.

Erik (in the yellow jersey) is our bouncy kid. He runs through the house, he spends time hanging upside down from his chin-up bar, and he plays every sport imaginable. When it comes to soccer, Kyle is great because he works harder than anyone else. Erik is great because he has pure, raw talent.

Erik is also the opposite of most kids his age. His favorite subject is math, and he really likes science. Good to know in case the pro soccer contract falls through.

Tonight he gets his choice of dinner… which will be waffles this year.

Happy birthday, Erik! We love you very much.

Happy Halloween!

Kevin The MummyFor my kids, today is the best day of the year, save for Christmas. It’s Halloween, and while we had fun last weekend at the kids’ soccer club – that’s Kevin being wrapped during the Mummy Contest – tonight is where it’s at.

Our neighborhood still celebrates Halloween, much more so than surrounding communities. In fact, we get Trick or Treaters bussed in. I guess they figure the nice homes give out better candy. Unfortunately for them, the kids I don’t know get the dregs of our candy bowl. Yeah, Almond Joy, I’m looking at you!

As of this posting, Kyle and Erik don’t know what their costumes will be. We dropped the hammer as far as new costumes are concerned; partly because they’re expensive, and partly because they have a lot of old costumes they can resurrect.

Worse comes to worse; they can put on their soccer uniforms and hit the streets. In the meantime, Julia and Kevin will be Margo and Kevin the Minion from Despicable Me:


The entire brood is below:

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School Daze

Kevin At The ZooThis is my youngest son Kevin. Kevin has always been a very active child; so much so we worried about him this year as he started Catholic school kindergarten. We weren’t sure how he’d handle the structure, especially since he had a habit of wandering during preschool.

Don’t get me wrong; Kevin is a brilliant child. He has been reading on his own for a while now, and can do things with my smart phone I only wish I could do. (He also has a habit of uninstalling programs, a talent of which I am not a fan.) So when we got our first “Can we have a meeting?” note from his teacher, we feared the worst.

I assumed he was either going to be tossed out of school, or – much worse – they were going to tell us they think he has an issue, such as autism or Asperger’s. The past three days have been a nightmare for the missus and I, because we feared the worst. The meeting happened today while I was in court. As luck would have it, I arrived home before the wife did, so when she came in, I braced myself…

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Speaking Of Goals…

Kyle at the Union game.

Last night my two oldest boys attended the Philadelphia Union game. The Union were playing Toronto FC, and Kyle and Erik’s soccer teams were going as a group with Academy Sabres soccer. Many of the parents took photos during the game, but the one above is my favorite. Kyle intently watching the game, with the caption, “Keeper concentration.”

The Union won in the fifth minute of extra time, and inched closer to a playoff berth…

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Up All Night

Kevin Pumpkin Patch

Early Sunday morning, my youngest son Kevin suffered a febrile seizure; his third since 2011. The seizures are usually triggered by a high fever, and mostly affect children under six years old. Thankfully, the missus heard him coughing around 2am and brought him to our bedroom, so we were right there when the seizure came at around 3am.

It was a scary one, lasting about five or ten minutes from beginning to end. It was also complicated by the fact that he vomited as he was coming out of it.

The missus stayed up all night with him, and I got about 2-3 hours sleep total, so Sunday was zombie day at the Earp Ranch. Kevin got progressively better as the day wore on, and should – hopefully – be back to normal by tomorrow.

Please keep him in your prayers.

God Bless Erik

016Today my middle son will be making his First Holy Communion. It’s a giant step forward for him and his faith. Erik and his class has worked very hard throughout the school year, and today they will get their reward.

I’m proud of him.

Suffice to say, there will be a party for him afterward, and it will be chock full of his favorite snacks; kettle corn and M&M’s.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

002Today is my youngest son’s 5th birthday. Kevin was the greatest Valentine’s Day present a person could ever receive.

Kevin is our most, um, rambunctious child. The boy is a white tornado, our own personal Tasmanian Devil. Some days I wonder if we should outfit him with a Hannibal Lecter mask; other days, I find him sitting quietly reading a book. Kevin is very smart – sometimes too smart – a fact illustrated by his reign as the family Angry Birds/Angry Piggies champion. He’ll be the one working for NASA in twenty years. Trust me.

Happy birthday, Kevin! We love you!