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Gronk If You’re Horny

Rob Gronkowski Vegas BingeMeet Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski is a tight end – heh – for the New England Patriots.

When Gronkowski isn’t dropping touchdown passes or wondering why his team couldn’t beat the Ravens, he spends his time in Vegas blowing his money on alcohol and hot pieces of arse…

Hmm, I knew I had a point here, but I suddenly don’t remember – or care – what it was.

Even for a seasoned party goer like NFL star Rob Gronkowski, this bar bill might come as a shock the morning after the night before. The New England Patriot receiver dropped an eye-watering $9,615 while celebrating Super Bowl Sunday last month at Las Vegas’ XS nightclub.

Gronkowski, 23, ran up a tab that included a $1,595 magnum bottle of Perrier-Jouet brut, three bottles of Grey Goose vodka and dozens of cans of Red Bull to keep the party going.

According to Deadspin, ‘the Gronk’ ran around shirtless and indulged in some raucous body-slamming with friends. However, the football player generously tipped his waitress $1,400.

Actually, at about 14% it’s generous, but not overly generous. Me? I don’t believe in tipping. I believe in overtipping.