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The Write Kind Of Anniversary

Only SonTwo years ago today, my book – Only Son – was released. While the book hasn’t sold as well as I hoped it would, Only Son still stands as my greatest professional achievement. As I mentioned to a friend the other day, writing a book gives you a sense of immortality. It will always be there, and your name will always grace the front cover. I can never thank Pam enough for asking me to be a co-writer, and for not posting my face on the back cover. Lord knows I wouldn’t be able to sell one to my mom had that been there.

Now, while we took an unconventional route to publication – self-publishing is easy, but promotion is difficult and expensive – we sold over 200 copies, not to mention the dozens of freebies I sent out to families and friends. Most of the reviews have been positive, and I hope that’s because they liked the story, and not because they know I have lots of guns and terrific aim. /Kidding. That said, I can’t stand on the laurels of a two-year old book I co-wrote. So…

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Since The Christmas Shopping Season Has Begun

Christina Hendricks Holding Only Son

I’d like to remind you – once again – my book Only Son is on sale at Amazon.com. Barnes & Noble, and pretty much everywhere you can find great literature.

Since its launch in 2012, the book has sold 224 copies. That’s okay for a self-published book by an unknown author, but considering this blog receives almost 1,000 hits a day, the numbers are rather poor. I realize some of you already own a copy, but I’d really appreciate if you could share it with others. /Plea.

One Year Later…

Only SonOne year ago today, we unleashed my book upon the world. In the 365 days since, we’ve sold over 200 copies. The numbers aren’t great by any stretch, but considering we self-published and had no advertising budget, I think we did okay.

Where we did better than okay – in my opinion – is with the feedback. Most of the readers seemed to enjoy the story, and some were nice enough to review it (positively) on Amazon.

I don’t pimp the book nearly as much as before, mostly because a lot of you must be sick of hearing about it. But also because I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we’ve sold all we’re going to sell. Pam and I have talked about a sequel, but to be honest, life has intervened.

There is a decent story rattling around my head, but I need to get off my arse and put fingers to keyboard. We’ll see.

That said, thank you all for the support. it means more than you will ever know.

No More Pencils, No More Books…

Only SonSo, I made my bi-annual visit to the dentist this morning. It was also my first meet-and-greet with the new dentist. My former dentist retired a few months ago, and the new doc took over. While Dr. Bendler was all sorts of awesome, Dr. Ogan seems nice enough.

During my last visit, I gave Dr. Bendler and his entire staff copies of my book, Only Son. (Available now at Amazon and CreateSpace for a low, low price!) Any hoo, I’m sitting in the chair when one of the hygienists comes over and tells me she read the book and really liked it. Always nice to hear.

Then she said, “My son actually used Only Son for his high school book report this semester.”


Naturally, I was flattered, but I was also apprehensive. If her son received a lousy grade… and she was holding sharp instruments…

Thankfully, she said her son did well, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Had he not, I assume I’d still be sitting in the chair, covered in blood and sweat. /snark

Yes, I Saw It

And yes, I was humbled by it.

Oregon Muse put of a Sunday Book Thread as Ace of Spades HQ this morning. In it, he more than generously highlighted Only Son:

“You’re all probably familiar with longtime moron commenter Wyatt Earp. You’ve heard him bitch about his home town, Philadelphia (“the crack whore of cities”), and you’ve heard him piss and moan about the Eagles, an NFL team known primarily for being used by other NFL teams to blow their noses on, but despite all this, he got off his sorry ass and actually wrote a book. When I was highlighting moron authors awhile back, I somehow missed him. Anyway, Mr. Earp’s book Only Son, is available on Kindle for the absolutely outrageous very reasonable price of $3.99. The plot of this crime novel involves “a discharged U.S. serviceman [being] found dead on a Philadelphia street and a pair of homicide detectives struggle to solve a crime with no witnesses, no leads, and no family to speak for the victim.”

And you know no one knows the mean streets of Philadelphia (“we’re not as corrupt as Baltimore”) quite like Wyatt Earp, a police officer who no doubt spends all of his time dealing with perps, creeps, scrotes, toughs, punks, thugs, and Methodists.”

After whoring the book for its first two months, I took a break – mostly because I figured you were sick of hearing about it. I’m glad Oregon Muse brought it up again, especially with the Christmas season approaching. It would make a good gift. /pitch

McKayla Is Not Impressed

But maybe you should be. Pam and I have decided to slash the price of our novel, Only Son, to $9.99 for the paperback and $3.99 for the Kindle version.

The reasons for this are two-fold. First, sales are, to put it lightly, lagging. We’ve sold a mere 129 copies since we published in March. By comparison, SYLG averages about 1,600 hits a day. That’s the nature of the beast in self-publishing, and with nothing in the way of an advertising budget, it is what it is.

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A Note About Pages

You’ll notice that I removed the sticky “Book ‘Em, Earp-O” post from the top of the page. It’s been two months, and if you still don’t know that I co-wrote a novel then shame on you. You may ask yourself how will you be able to praise/rip my novel if you can’t find the post?

You can do it on the Pages at the top of the blog (just below the SYLG logo).

On that top bar, you’ll find five tabs: Home, About, My Book, Only Son, Only Son Reader Reviews, and Polls Archive. Home brings you to the blog’s home page. About is just some info about the blog and me, your blogger. My Book, Only Son is the original book post. Only Son Reader Reviews is a sampling of the reviews we’ve received on Amazon.com. Poll Archive is self-explanatory.

Thanks to Jim, my blog Yoda, you can now leave comments on any of the pages. This was specifically done for book comments, but you can leave a comment about almost anything there now – as long as it’s relevant. I hope you’ll take advantage of the pages, and feel free to leave Only Son comments and/or reviews in the appropriate pages. Thanks.

The Christina Hendricks pic? That was just so I could keep your attention. Carry on.