Marcus Vick: Modern-Day Socrates

Marcus Vick ArrestedMarcus Vick – the no-talent criminal brother of Michael Vick – exposed his lack of edu-ma-cation on Twitter this week. Vick was ranting about the Eagles’ Riley Cooper who threw out the N-word during a drunken brawl. Vick, for his part, wants “justice.”

Nobody is condoning Riley Cooper’s usage of racial slurs at a Kenny Chesney concert. He has already been taken to task for it, and should be, as what he did and said is socially reprehensible in 2013.

But Marcus Vick – Michael’s brother – took the opportunity to voice off about his brother’s wide receiver target on Twitter in maybe not the wisest way.

“Hey I’m putting a bounty on Riley’s head. 1k to the first Free Safety or Strong safety that light his ass up! Wake him up please.” — Marcus Vick (@MVFive) July 31, 2013

“Hahahaha! Peace of shit. Who want to play on a team with guys like that?” — Marcus Vick (@MVFive) July 31, 2013

For Marcus Vick, a mind is a terrible thing… and it must be stopped before he causes any more damage to his already despicable reputation.

Luckily, the story’s author noticed the grammar (or lack thereof):

First of all: *piece. Second of all: Not sure whether you’d heard, but the NFL doesn’t take too kindly to bounties.

If you’re not familiar, the younger Vick has a bit of a checkered past: once a Virginia Tech QB like his big bro, let’s just say the “Legal Troubles after Virginia Tech” portion of his Wikipedia is longer than the “Professional Career” section. (He also got kicked off the team after a two-week stretch where he stomped on somebody’s leg during a game, lost his drivers’ license, and allegedly pulled a gun on people in a parking lot.)

For some reason the Cooper story is a blockbuster. The Vick response? Not so much.

4 thoughts on “Marcus Vick: Modern-Day Socrates

  1. realwest

    Hey Wyatt! Well it seems to me that ole Marcus Vick is gonna get lit up by his own brother or by Riley Cooper or maybe both – demonstrating that sense of team spirit Michale Vick is so well known for.
    But most of – if not all of the safetys I’ve seen in the NFL are tough s.ob.’s and I suspect Marcus Vick had best pay up right quick like should any of the NFL safetys take up ole Marcus bounty. I wouldn’t be surprised if Riley Cooper DOES “light up” whatever is left of Marcus’ mind.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Real – Sadly, Marcus has less talent than his brother. He couldn’t cut it in the NFL.

    AJ – He’s making a career out of embarrassing himself on Twitter.


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