Sequesters Are Illogical

IRS Star Trek Parody

So is the fact that the IRS spent $60,000 of OUR dollars to fund a Star Trek parody.

This might be the most brutal fan film ever, and not just because your tax dollars funded it. But what could be nerdier than government accountants playing Star Trek?

In fairness, I imagine IRS leadership conferences are so deathly dull that they need to find a way to liven them up and keep everyone awake. But if this is what passes for excitement among accountants, I can only imagine they follow it up with a Ben Stein comedy set.

The guy who plays the captain could be a passable actor in a smaller role. The others should never speak in public again. And the IRS has apologized for spending $60,000 on this. Perspective-wise, that’s less than even one cent per taxpayer, but they could at least have made it not suck for that price.

But yeah, let me be clear… sequester… pay their fair share…

5 thoughts on “Sequesters Are Illogical

  1. Dr. Evil

    What a great example as to why we should alla pply to citizenship to the Romulan Star Empire. They wouldn’t allow a waste of $$$$$$ on such a frivolous expenese.

    And cloaking devices are pretty awesome too.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    As someone who’s facing 22 days of unpaid vacation… I could cut DoD’s budget, particularly my agency’s budget and the mission would NOT suffer at all, with no furloughs. Having been through this drill in the real corporate world numerous times I know how to cut without having services cut. Zero just wants to score political points (with whom? the press?) Many Feds are extremely poed about Mr. Sequester, but I have to laugh because many who are poed voted for this, with zero. You reap what you sow.

  3. Jon Brooks

    Oh my Gawd!! One minute and 40 seconds into the parody and I started reaching for my gun to end my misery. Thankfully I remembered the pause button just in time.

  4. Bob G.

    This REALLY cheeses me off…because the Treasury Dept (IRS) NEVER did anything like this when I worked for them!
    (and I already had the uniform made for those conventions)…LOL

    Roll safe, live long, and prosper.


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