Save The Polar Bares


Dear SI, if you want to sell more magazines, put Kate Upton on the cover. Every. Week.

Kate Upton’s second ever cover for Sports Illustrated magazine has been revealed after it was leaked online. The 20-year-old is near topless as she shows off her famous curves in white bikini bottoms in a snap so scorching she could melt the ice caps in the background.

The blonde bombshell covers her modesty with a fur-lined hooded jacket, pressing her cleavage together as she holds up the hood.

Want proof of God? Look no further than Kate Upton.

9 thoughts on “Save The Polar Bares

  1. realwest

    I tells ya Wyatt – that young woman is just, ah, well, too warm to need that jacket AT ALL.
    Uh, just sayin’……………………

  2. andycanuck

    There’s no way those are real.

    The MSM told me all the glaciers in Antarctica had melted so they must be Photoshopped!

  3. Bob G.

    My ONLY gripe with this is that IF it’s a SWIMSUIT issue…the cover should at least BACK THAT MUCH UP…with a COMPLETE outfit.
    Half a suit doesn’t cut the muster here.
    (Issue should be HALF PRICE, then, right?)
    I mean, even the polar bears are blushing on this faux-pas…lol.

    Stay safe.


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