Humpday History Highlight

Victorian Court Circa 1900I’m going to change it up during this week’s Highlight, and focus upon the Victorian Era.

More specifically, the divorce proceedings of Isabella Robinson, and her unique (at least for that time) excuse for her alleged infidelity.

Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs Robinson.

A Victorian wife explained away her adultery with a young man by claiming she had simply suffered ‘sexual hallucinations’, newly released archives reveal.

Isabella Robinson’s diary account of a lustful and torrid affair was discovered by her husband Henry – and used against her in one of Britain’s biggest ever divorce court scandals in the 19th century.

Her defense was to claim that the diary, which she started keeping in 1849, was a fiction and her lawyer explained that she suffered from erotomania and that a uterine condition had driven her mad with lust. In doing so, she cleared the reputation of the man she loved, 27-year-old Edward Lane, and saved his marriage and his medical business.

Now, I don’t have a uterus – at least I don’t think I do – but I’ve been driven mad with lust once or twice in my life. I wonder if the cure is covered under ObamaCare?

6 thoughts on “Humpday History Highlight

  1. Jon Brooks

    Her defense attorney would have been right at home in the 21st century too.

    Speaking of a uterine condition, madness and lust…What goes thump thump thump under a bus?….Hillary.

  2. JT

    Coincidentally, shortly thereafter the telephone was invented.

    So all of the men involved in this trial could call her.

  3. Dr. Evil

    There is only one known cure for women. You guessed it…FRANK STALLONE!

    For men the cure is…FRANK STALLONE?

    I need to review my research. This is what I get for having the matrices drawn up by a Jack Ruseel terrier named Buttercup.

  4. Bob G.

    Sexual Hallucinations?
    Sounds like something I suffer whenever I dream of Christina…!
    (btw, I’ll be in my bunk)

    Stay safe.

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