Humpday History Highlight

Russian Machine Gunner

A woman cleaning out her grandfather’s home made an incredible discovery.

Hundreds of historic photographs documenting a young Yale graduate’s travel to Russia during the start of the Russian Revolution have been discovered a near century later by his granddaughter.

Opening an old metal chest after her grandfather’s passing, more than 500 hand-painted glass slides have been found capturing a remarkable 1917 excursion that put him face-to-face with heavy-coated soldiers, machine guns, bunkers and gas masks.

Seen today fully restored after a near century of darkness, the slides were purchased in 2012 by Southern California camera and photo collector Anton Orlov.

Money well spent. The slides, more of which are at the link, are fascinating.

12 thoughts on “Humpday History Highlight

  1. Jon Brooks

    Pretty cool. Photo development in that day, take them down to the drugstore and give them to the guy with the paint brushes.

    “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” – Lenin

  2. Jon Brooks

    I have an old photo of my great grandparents hanging on the living room wall. If you stare closely
    all the hair on the top of his head is painted/pencilled in. LOL

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Pretty cool. Too bad the commies wrecked that country. Luckily, my Great Grandmother got out before WWI.

  4. realwest

    Wow, Wyatt! This is a great find!! Thanks a lot for picking up on them and putting them (and the many more at the link) for us!!

  5. Ingineer66

    Very cool post. My father had a photo of my grandparents that was water colored in a similar fashion. I think it was fairly common for a time to get “color” photos that way.

  6. Ralph Short

    Great stuff Wyatt. Imagine the courage of these adventurers from America. Hopefully, we have more coming.

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