Fra-Gee-Lay. That Must Be Italian


That’s not a moon, it’s a leg lamp.

So Christmas is over and people are already back to being their regular jerkbag selves, but before I put Santa to bed here’s the R2-D2/C-3PO lamp built by artist Gordon Tarpley that was inspired by the sexy lady leg lamp in A Christmas Story.

Don’t just stand there; Kessel Run out to get one today!

4 thoughts on “Fra-Gee-Lay. That Must Be Italian

  1. Bob G.

    Only if they double as a cup holder AND a TV/DVD/DVR/CABLE/STEREO/ DEATH STAR DETONATOR remote…
    “…These aren’t the lamps you’re looking for…”

    Hyperspace safely out there.
    And may the Farce be with you…always.

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