Catch Me, I’m Falling

300 Off The CliffActually, we’ll all be falling come January 1st, since there is virtually no way to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff. Wheee!

I, for one, welcome our new tax-crazy overlords. Bring it on.

Let it burn.

The Senate returned Thursday with an increasing sense that the country will go over the so-called “fiscal cliff,” leading to higher taxes and deep spending cuts across the board.

“It looks like that’s where we’re headed,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, saying that he doesn’t see how any plan could be brought up in time to beat the Jan. 1 deadline.

Mr. Boehner said his chamber already passed two other bills earlier this year to head off the tax increases, and told the Senate to act on those.

Mr. Reid said the Senate has defeated those, and instead points to a bill the Senate passed that extended tax cuts on families making $250,000 or less, but lets tax rates rise on others. That bill, however, originated in the Senate, which puts it in violation of the Constitution, which requires all revenue measures to start in the House.

I’m no fan of John Boehner. I think he’s a puss-aah that couldn’t negotiate a taffy away from a three-year old. That being said, he caved on tax raises – more than once – and each time he was rebuffed by Obama and that douche canoe Harry Reid. Make no mistake, Obama and Reid want us to go over the fiscal cliff. Their actions during these negotiations – or lack thereof – are all the proof you need.

Boehner should have told them both to go frak themselves back in November. The GOP is going to be blamed for this by the low-information voter (read: morons) anyway. Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

12 thoughts on “Catch Me, I’m Falling

  1. Robert B.

    The democrats took the majority in congress in 2006. THAT was the year things really started going to heck in a handbasket. So, in fact, the real decline began when bho was still a senator, and nancy pelosi was leader of the house. The only thing to check their abuse of power was George W., who seemed to wimp out and roll over for them. Four years of “it was Bush’s fault” and here we are. Congresscritters are the ones responsible for the debt, and all the problems we are about to endure next year. And yet, the majority of them will be re-elected for life. The USA voters are definitely getting the government they deserve.

    Ok, I’m off the soapbox. All the good folks here at SYLG blog have a safe and Happy New Year.

  2. Jim Scrummy

    Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Unfortunately the R’s have no media/pr savvy people, to spin this as the D’s in the Senate and Zero’s wanting to go over the cliff. But, the debt ceiling needs to be raised (again) by the end of January or so, and Zero doesn’t have much leverage on that issue at all. He’ll try an end run of sorts, but in the end he is limited in what he can do.


  3. Dr. Evil

    Cue up the Wil E. Coyote sound effects…only China will be saying ‘MEEP MEEP’ as it runs off into the land of the rising sun.

    No I am serious. I fear China will invade Japan.

    Ok I am not serious, but damn does my back itch right now.

  4. Picky

    Technically I believe the “let it burn” philosophy calls for Republicans to simply give Democrats whatever they want (higher taxes and higher spending), which would hasten the collapse of the economy/political system, and thereby PROVE to everybody that the liberal way doesn’t WORK. It’s like Atlas Shrugged. And I’m not so sure that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  5. Bill R.

    Sorry about last comment. Computer went apes..t!
    Hey now, alot of us morons bought your book…….and read it.

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Robert B. – Oh, unrelated: Four years and the Dem-controlled Senate has still not passed a budget.

    Jim – He’ll be pressured to put forth a fair plan after January 1st, and call himself the hero for standing up for the middle class. And the sheep will love him for it.

    Dr. Evil – If not Japan, possibly Taiwan.

    Picky – It’s why I say let it burn. The country needs to hit rock bottom before any real change can start taking place. And the takers need to know that they’re bankrupting the system; and know the consequences of their selfishness.

    Bill R. – If you read this blog, you’re not a low-information voter. LIVs are the ones who vote for POTUS like it’s American Idol and stand with their hands out wanting their free sh*t.

  7. Bob G.

    The Dumocrats want it all THEIR way…or the highway.
    That’s not COMPROMISE the last time I checked.
    And since they can’t (or WON’T) come up with ANY (GOOD) idea how to keep that cliff farther AWAY, they will (as usual) MOCK and ridicule ANY other idea that comes oiong…as well as those touting it.
    That’s just the way they shake.

    ( I say America can pull of an Olympic 9.7 – we’re THAT good)

    Stay safe out there.

  8. Veeshir

    It just doesn’t matter, the GOP “solution” isn’t any better than the Dems.

    An actual, real solution would involve cutting spending.

    They can’t even talk about cutting the rate of increases, much less going back to the austere days of 2008 so no matter what they do, it won’t solve a thing.

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but my conclusion of a few years ago that an asteroid strike (not a planet killer, just something like a “Lucifer’s Hammer” sort of strike) is our best hope because the other options appear to me to be fascism,anarchy, revolution or civil war.
    Reality is a bitch and we’ve been ignoring it for far too long.

  9. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Bob G. – They don’t want a deal. The sooner we realize that, the better.

    Veeshir – I wholeheartedly agree. That’s why I always say “Throw them all out” every November. Until we get term limits, nonsense like this will continue unabated.

  10. JimB

    Don’t agree wtih you Wyatt… Repubs going to get blamed big time for this… Should have given Obama everthing he wanted by voting present,, Made Obama own this clusterfuck.. It would have killed the progerssive movement in a big way once everyone had to live by the “new” rules.. Rasing taxes on the rich sounds good until they take their ball and leave… No new jobs, big layoffs and high taxes…. OOOOOh..I feel a tingle in my leg..or maybe siatica

  11. Easily Lost

    We really need to redefine the word “dumb”

    I work 50+ hours a week to pay my bills, drive a 10 year old Jeep, make mortgage payments on my house, have a cheapo cell phone (not one of those smart phones), pay exorbitant rates for basic health insurance with a $1750 deductible, and live within my means.

    They sit at home, drive really nice cars, have their rent and utilities paid for, have the latest and greatest iPhones, get free health insurance with no deductible, and still want more free stuff.

    So really, who are the dumb ones?! US for supporting them. I say LET IT ALL BURN!
    (Gets off my soapbox and heads for my favorite corner)

  12. Veeshir

    The biggest problem is the media.
    Today’s ‘journalists’ are all lazy, stupid, ignorant and biased.
    If CBS doesn’t cover it, it didn’t happen. If they do cover, they’re stupid and ignorantly biased slant is what it is.

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