PFD To Firefighters: Drop Dead

The Phila. Fire Department, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to transfer 293 firefighters in January; 156 of whom have over ten years of service.

Every time I think about how badly the police department hates me and my fellow cops, I remind myself that at least I don’t work for the PFD.

Philadelphia City Council members today grilled fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers over his plan to transfer hundreds of senior firefighters to different stations against their wishes. Ayers said the transfers will improve public safety — a point that [Councilman Jim] Kenney disputed.

(Kenney:) “How does the forced movement of 300 firefighters help that?”

(Ayers:) “It helps it because, along with this move, there’s going to be changes in how we fight fires; community risk reductions programs, where firefighters help assess what’s going on in that community.”

(Kenney:) “Doesn’t the longer you’re there in that community make you more effective in that goal?”

In my opinion, Jim Kenney is a descipable person; but he’s right. If you want better community relations, common sense dictates you don’t transfer out personnel who have served the community for ten years or more.

Thee Philadelphia Police Department did this in 1996, and we still haven’t recovered. Quite the opposite: the veterans, in their disgust, started retiring, and we had rookies training rookies. That’s still true today.

But it was never about community relations. It was – like this move is – a way to force out veterans (and their larger salaries) in favor of new firefighters (and their smaller salaries).

8 thoughts on “PFD To Firefighters: Drop Dead

  1. Steven

    And you know what would save a ton of money? Getting rid of about half of the brass above lieutenant.

    But, lol, no one votes THEMSELVES out of job, do they?


    1. C/A

      Pretty bright observation there Steven. Except that your brightness is overshadowed by the utter lack of knowledge of what you speak. The fire department is about as lean as possible when it comes to supervisory positions. Like any government agency there is always some fat. But if every other agency was run like the fire department we wouldn’t be 16 trillion in debt.

  2. realwest

    It is SAD for the residents of Philly Wyatt, but its the way of the World these days. Its not just the Firefighters, or Cops or any other Public Service employee, its also true in private enterprise.
    Need to keep the stock prices higher, cut costs. Easiest (and most importantly fastest) way to cut costs is to fire the highest paid employees (who are also, almost uniformly, the most experienced employees) hire some kid out of college and WHAM you’ve reduced personnel (and their EXPENSIVE BENEFITS) just like that. If the young kids can’t catch on fast enough, you simply hire those whom you’ve fired at an even higher salary BUT with no benefits. Stock price will not change one way or another because “contract” employees don’t get reported on financial balance sheets the same way as do employees. Expect to see more of this with Obama Care and higher income taxes.
    We got what WE perhaps didn’t deserve, but what the majority of those who voted, deserve. And we have to suffer because of them.
    But with Firefighters and Cops and EMT you are risking people’s LIVES, that is unforgivable.

  3. Jim Scrummy

    Same thing is going to happen to the military. I laughed my butt off when Joey bagodonuts Biden said we are shrinking the military to get better… In other words hollowing out the force which is SOP for democrats since the left took over the democrat party. Many senior NCOs with 10+ years real experience are going to be shown the door. The “knuckledraggers” (aka infantry, God Bless Them!), are going to be shown the door. Can’t have them in the military, because the US Military is getting smaller to get better…uh huh. Saw that movie in the 90′s and my father-in-law saw the movie in the 70′s. So in other words our military readiness, morale, and security will suffer. But hey we have 0-care, which won’t work.

  4. joated

    Some of it has to do with breaking up the coalition of community and local firefighters/police/teachers/etc. as they begin to gain power against those in control at the top. The community/local knowledge becomes much too strong and sensible for the top to combat logically so they do what they can to stem it’s growth by dissolving the forming coalition.

  5. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Randal – He makes Ramsey look like Stephen Hawking.

    Steven – See Captain America’s response. (He’s a 20-year vet in the PFD.)

    Captain – He would be correct if he make that comment about the PPD. We’ve decidedly top-heavy when it comes to captains and above.

    Real – The result is an inept organization . . . like the PPD is becoming.

    Jim – They support the troops; just not their mission. Bawahahahahaha!

    Joated – People have no idea how difficult it is to learn a new neighborhood immediately. The street names, the routes, the population, the demographics, etc. I’ve been in my division for seven years and there are still parts of it I don’t know.

    When time is a factor – like driving to a fire – do you want someone familiar or unfamiliar with the roads?

  6. Bob G.

    Another disgusting display by the city officials…and their socialistic agenda.
    (rather front more freebies for the LAZY than PAY what’s due to those putting their LIVES on the damn line every day…)

    Makes me wonder HOW MUCH of that $6 MIL the city owes the PPD is STILL owed?
    (I’d be asking for THAT…WITH INTEREST!

    Roll safe out there.

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