Speaking Of Taxes…

I’ve gotta be honest; after the Obamacare decision, I don’t feel much like blogging today. However, I realize that the show must go on, and I’m going to post stories of a lighter fare… at least until my brain aneurysm dissipates.

Any hoo, remember when Texas was the freedom capital of America? You could carry forty guns in your belt, drink while driving (as long as it’s something bad ass like whiskey), and run over illegals with your pickup truck?

Apparently those halcyon days are over; at least in Houston. The city has mandated a “pole tax,” and the proceeds will be used to fund – get this – rape investigations.

City Council passed an ordinance that requires strip clubs to pay a $5-per-visitor fee to help pay for the analysis of biological evidence collected from rape victims in hopes of identifying their attackers.

Police in Houston lack the money to promptly analyze evidence such as hair particles and blood specimens, gathered by investigators in packets known as rape kits. Houston estimates it has 6,000 rape kits that have yet to be scrutinized by crime laboratories.

Supporters of the ordinance, which was supported by Mayor Annise Parker and approved on a 14-1 vote, contend that strip clubs should shoulder some of the costs of rape investigations because the establishments can cultivate unhealthy attitudes toward women that can lead to sexual assaults.

Ah yes, the old “It’s for the children women” argument. If the city council is going to make that argument, then they must make the same argument for billboard and television advertising. Some of those ads “cultivate unhealthy attitudes” as well.

But no, they didn’t do that because it was never about the unhealthy attitudes. It was always about sticking it to the strip clubs and the patrons. Et tu, Texas?

13 thoughts on “Speaking Of Taxes…

  1. Rob in Katy

    Gee, you sound just like Michael Berry :)
    Don’t forget we have a fat, lesbian, libtard Ho for a Mayor (I never know if “Ho” should be capitalized or not?)!!!

    1. JT

      I think it depends on how hot she is.

      Remember the “I before E except after C” rule ?

      If it’s a case of “Eye before EEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAA !”

      then the h should be capitalized.

      But , in the example you gave, the h should not only NOT be capitalized, it should be reversed. (Like the obamacare decision. But I digress)

      So, your sentence SHOULD read -

      Don’t forget we have a fat, lesbian, libtard…..oh.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Rob – It’s a proper name in this instance, so yes.

    L Frame – I read it as similar to “Denise,” although your idea may be more correct.

  3. Dr. Evil

    I support this idea. If nothing else, they found a way to help get thousands of untesred rape kits to the lab. A noble cause.

    I support this so much, I wish to go to Houston right now and to a strip club.

  4. Desert Rat

    So they are equating men who like to look at naked ladies with rapists, is that essentially what they’re getting at? Thought-police asshats.

    God almighty, I hate feminazis.

  5. Rob in Katy

    It is more like “anal-ease” , like something someone may use before getting reamed, sort of like tax payers!

  6. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Dr. Evil – I’m off until Sunday night. Can I hitch a ride?

    DR – That was the vibe I got from it, too. Pretty long jump, if you ask me.

    Rob – Especially today.

  7. Jon Brooks

    Since Texas has plenty of wide open boonies maybe charge each citizen a $5 shoot a road sign tax. In my youth everyone I knew put holes in the signs out in the boonies
    of Andover OH and Linesville and Tidioute PA. It was a right of passage into drunken adulthood……wasn’t it? That way the rape kits could be processed and how the farmers cow or goat, several hundred yards downrange from the sign, got that nifty .270 in its cranium could be investigated.

  8. proof

    In a related story, visitors to the US Mint will be charged a fee to mitigate the investigation of bank robberies, since all the money stolen generally originates there.

  9. rd

    That certainly is a long reach. I worked in a strip club back in my late teens and early 20′s. The place was not filled with rapists. I’m assuming that Texas has a legal drinking age similar to other states, 20ish. Unhealthy attitudes towards women are instilled much earlier than that, in my opinion.

  10. Robert B.

    “Pole tacks!” Those have to hurt really bad!

    Oh, “pole tax.” My bad.


  11. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Jon – I just shoot at homeless people. Oh, I’ve said too much.

    Proof – Nicely done.

    RD – Whoa, whoa, whoa… you worked in a strip club??? Pics, or it never happened!

    Robert B. – “Owww, my lady bits!!”

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